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The Truth About The American Government

As you all have probably surmised, I’m quite the ‘anti-establishment’ sort. I’ve been frustrated, pissed-off, incredulous, and stunned by some of the things our government here in America has been doing. The corruption is palpable, the disregard for our Constitution blatant, and the arrogant contrivances of the people in power holds the fetid taste of bile.
I can no longer stand-by, indeed, this country can no longer stand-by, any longer: We’ve been apathetic for too long and the consequences have been horrendous. We are tail-spinning into a despotic plutocracy and if we do not reveal the information of corruption and deceit, if we do not successfully and with all haste prove to those who cannot fathom the depths of which our system has suffered putrefaction, we will no longer remain, in any semblance, a free society.
The time is now to get our act together, to unite beneath and rise above oppression.
Information is our key.

A new section of this blog will be dedicated to news articles, essays and documentaries pertinent to the crisis at hand. This is an attempt to awaken those who refuse, out of fear for what must happen, to accept the state of our Union. For all of you who already understand, this will be an information dump, a cache from which to arm yourselves with the necessary munitions of facts, arguments and rationalizations with which we must wage this war against the forces of disinformation and deceit.
Please post arguments, evidence and any thoughts you may have, and feel free to add links. All conversation is greatly welcomed.
Go! Talk to your friends, your family, co-workers and classmates; the spread of truth through honest conversation is the greatest tactic we have at our disposal.
Go! Awaken the masses.
— Viva la Revolucion.


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