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Useless Time

If you don’t remember dreaming, did you dream at all? Likewise, if you do not remember an event occurring, can it be said to have never happened, if there is no one else to speak for the existence of the event? If a past event is so insignificant as to give you no reason to remember it (think of the inane: stepping over puddles, everyday conversations, going to the store), it must have no real reason to have ever existed. Your life, your current circumstances, are the product of a list of prior events. Well, if something happened to you that is so insignificant as to have no affect upon the outcome of this equation, than that event can be replaced by any other inconsequential event and, being so undefined, can be said to have never existed in the first place.

Now, How much of your life can you remember? For the rest must be of no significance, worthless and empty and therefore, truly, not even real.

Thus,  The majority of your time here has been absolutely nothing.

I suppose holes can easily here be poked but the original idea stands: if an event, moment or action can be so insignificant as to bear no affect upon you nor anyone else, can it be said to have never existed?



For all the disenfranchised, discontented youth who have the roiling urge to rip the heads off the standard-bearers of the status-quo and to shove a revolution down their throats. This decade’s for you.

Jersey Born,

Jersey Bred,

Jersey love till I’m dead.

Heard the Old Crow Medicine Show for the first time and decided to learn how to play the harmonica. But it has to be a good harmonica I buy, not a cheap plastic thing because I want to get real good at it and play screeching soul real gritty and bluesy on the side of the road while I wait for rides.


New rule: If I’m not writing I’m drinking. At least some extent, or otherwise loose and spacey minded. The point being if I’m not writing a world, I’ll just go and trip the fuck out of my mind instead.

Priorities Meme

Someone do a meme of this: a picture of liquor, beer and cigarettes, and next to it a box of cheap toaster tarts and store brand lunchmeat. The words on top saying ‘Money’s Short’, the bottom ‘Priorities’.


I look forward to senility. It won’t quench the thirst but rather destroy it. It won’t just burn the veil but the eyes as well, and in the cold I’m left standing in I’ll be incapable of feeling shivers. Yes, senility is the blessing of innocent ignorance. With senility I’ll never have to think, or feel lonely, experience the trying swings of bliss and misery. With senility life will be simple, and I will finally understand it all.

Population Boom

If we all come back in another life, regarding of course that there is someone who continuously creates us, doesn’t that mean exponential growth in the human population? And what would a mathematical equation of this look like? Would it show a curve comparable to the actual human population growth of the past 200 years?

Paradox of the Sexes

Women want to know all about a man before committing, while men won’t care two shits about a personality to do the deed, yet it is always the man who has to ask all the questions —

Whatever Suits Your Tailor

Instead of saying, ‘Whatever floats your boat’,  I’m going to coin the phrase, ‘Whatever suits your tailor.’  I can’t wait to start using it, and then of course hearing other people use it. I tend, or at least did, at times, to catch myself using phrases and words, saying things in ways that I would recognize as the syntax of a close friend and I would realize that this persons mannerisms have rubbed off on me. But when I hear people using phrases or syntax I know to be unique to me? That’s always interesting. And a little ego-bloating. But hey, whatever suits your tailor.  (Not really the best time for it, but I couldn’t resist!)

Did You Ever?

I put a record on, put the vinyl of Toro Y Moi on the record player and went upstairs, where I put Led Zeppelin blasting on Pandora on my laptop. They didn’t synchronize. And I’m glad.

I was reading an Edgar Allen Poe anthology, got halfway through ‘The Black Cat’ and began reading an Anton Chekov anthology, till I got to the middle of ‘The Huntsman’.

I’ve never read an entire novel. I’ve read 87 different novels.

Did you ever watch all of The Godfather? Part One? Good for you. I saw all three in two hours.

I’ve never read an entire news article. Two hundred dollars says I’m more versed in current events.

I’ve never had one girlfriend. Three barely keep me interested.

I had seven different majors, I’m on my eighth. I can’t wait until sophomore year is over.

I spend six hours a day on the internet, and that doesn’t include my handheld.

I can’t wait till the implant is in my head. I’ll never be bored then.


Why don’t porn sites use the phrase ‘Feeling Porny’?

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