The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

Lost Spirits

The Lost Spirits who want nothing but to live,

Constrained by the Constrictions of Society’s Consumptions.

Wanting nothing but to live.



Wishing and wanting only but to live,

To find Life outside of ingrained fascist morals,

Sickened of the system saying, steps one, two and three before you can be happy,

if fortunate enough, free.

To Hell with it! Live the life you imagine! Be done with it!

Eat this buy that apply here for your Adjustable Rate Mortgage.

Enough! No student loans, no needless insurance and peachy quaint comforts

sucking pleasure out of spirit and soul and heart and mind.

Rip out your hair – Tear off your skin and lay yourself bare,

Bare to the Will of the World which you so beautifully sculpt —

Your Will. Your World.

— Along the flanks of the Unknown,

The Lost Spirits Live Free.


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