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Well, I’m Back

Well, I’m back. I decided I needed to get back into blogging and keep plotting out my life for better or for even terribly worse.

The last post I put up was about going hitchhiking and then, for five months, there was nothing, and I kind of found this funny because it definitely sounds like I went hitchhiking and never made it back. But I figured no one here would have worried, seeing as it is this blog hasn’t had many visitors (yet!), at least not nearly enough to drum up any worries about my potential demise. So, for those of you who have missed me dearly (and by this I’m blowing smoke up my ass) I would like you to know that the hitchhiking trip was completely mind-numbing and soul-freeing and that my hiatus has only been due to a recently developed preoccupation: hitchhiking was such a success in that it turned out to be more ridiculous than I had ever imagined and the coincidences that lined up were more than spectacular and alarming to the point where I’ve decided to turn the story into somewhat of a novel. That’s been the preoccupation, I’m writing a book. And my shitty job, too, for which I just put in my two weeks because, in two weeks, I’m Going Hitchhiking Again! This time to a much more distant destination: Los Angeles.

I’m drunk now and perhaps this is the worst time to start blogging again, but here it goes and I’m going to try and sum up the past four months before I can no longer see the keyboard. Much of this will be pulled from notebooks and Facebook statuses (I had a few good ones in the past four months).


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One thought on “Well, I’m Back

  1. I was wondering where you had gone. Keep on writing and stay safe hitchhiking!

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