The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything


In drunk state the mind is feeble, infant-like and the individual blown apart, more to the mercy of those around him. People tend to look down upon the drunk, to mock him and he becomes the point of ridicule, lowly, unintelligent and will-less in the eyes of others. To the drunk, the imbibing of alcohol is an exercise in purification, tasting the residue of Heaven by dislocating the self from reason and becoming saint-like, to truly forget who one is for the realization that one isn’t, therefore everything. In drink happiness is found, smiles at the bottoms of bottles, because it allows the drunk to forget, to, for a time, leave reality, transcend the painful by heightening emotion (the opposite of reason). To drink is to search, both guided with an ill-content for what is. Drinking is the wandering of soul and mind. Drinking is the profession of artists. Drinking is the attainment of trance; vibrant aching emotion bursting like a valve at the swig of a bottle, the drain of a drink. To drink is to empty yourself by filling yourself with wild, uninhibited emotion. Liquor is tears. All this is why the drunk must be shamed: he relinquishes control, prostrates himself before the constructions of society – the will of others – and allows himself to joyfully drown in the incomprehensible currents of the Rivers of Heaven. This is why others feel they must shame the drunk: it is in their nature to control, so they must therefore exert will over he who has relinquished control, sacrificed his will, like a saint. And this is why I must only get drunk inside: to save myself from the control of others, for though at times I must abandon myself (for spiritual attainment) it is detrimental to chosen destiny to have others will over my own. Of course, I will still come out to have a couple drinks when you are in New York, drinks are great for bonding, but bonding isn’t the reason the drunk drinks, and so I can never drink drunk in public. You must see, it’s all very spiritual.


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