The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

Speaking Open

I was walking to Bernie’s for their dollar-fifties, pleasantly strolling and whistling The Doors (who else to whistle in sunny spring?). Along the sidewalks in Columbus, especially around the campus, are four sided billboard signs for the public to post miscellaneous notices. I check these frequently, being always with the open eye for things to do, and I noticed a notice for a free ‘start of the summer’ concert at the Columbus Commons, a public park in the city center where they’ve been building a new stage. ‘First concert on the new stage!’ yelled the post and I got real excited because I have this thing with free concerts, I can actually go to them and all. But then I saw the date, Friday May 25th. ‘Fucking A!” I yelled out, and this little squat lady walking by gave me the curious eyebrow. I should’ve said to her ‘it’s the day I’m leaving!’ explained to her the free show is when I wouldn’t be in town. I wanted to and I thought of it quick enough for it to be understood, but there came the ego, or the super-ego rather, being inhibitions engrained by society. But I’m getting there: I can talk freely, thoughts unchained, speaking my mind, if you will. I was whistling loud the whole time walking and I had no qualms about my frustrated outburst of expletives. But then I though. And my frontal lobe, so carved by society, filled my head with doubt and seized my voice. But it’s fleeting, that mist of uncertainty that forces the processes of logical reason, and inhibition.


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