The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

The government should do nothing but pay for education and national armed services, for defense only. Abolish the Congress, create a House of Governors. There is no reason that the governors of states should not represent their constituents in the National Legislative Branch. They can do it better, more directly and swiftly. Congress isn’t supposed to do that much in the first place, nor the President. But we still need representation to foreign sovereignties,  so allow the President to remain in place as a figurehead.

The fact that the Senate has let the student loan plan fail, which then allows interest rates on federal student loan subsidies to double, and is a major reason why college students loath the government, is a wonderful reason why the Federal Government shouldn’t be meddling with what are, 100%, private contracts and institutions. I completely agree that the right to an education is something we must never short-hand, but there is a difference between primary and secondary education and it is only primary education that each child is legally entitled.

Perhaps then what is considered primary education should be redefined, to include at least the majority of General Education Classes college students often waste up to two years on. If we were to add even a year to highschool we could reduce time spent in secondary education by up to 50%. This saves money for the student by reducing how many semesters they have to pay for, obviously, but it also reduces the amount of money colleges and universities must spend on faculty, which will lower expenditures, and these savings will be transferred to student tuition costs. Plus, a student can go and learn exactly what he wants to do with his life (after of course he makes up his mind), and not have to spend time learning subjects benign to his career track, because these subjects will have already been learned in highschool.

Also, I’ve decided that to open a category to document my reactions and thoughts to current events, reading news articles and writing responses in a category titled… Current Events. Also, double-time also, I’m going to keep the blog going and stop stopping like that. Who cares if it doesn’t go anywhere, it’s a way for me to practice writing because the only way to learn to write well is to write lots, and who the hell are you, anyhow? I don’t know you, nor am I completely sure you exist. The illusion of obscurity is relenting of inhibitions: The illusion of worthlessness is relenting of inhibitions: The illusion of nihilism is releasing of doubt: Dionysus is freedom.


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