The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

Sore Hips and Narcissism

I started the day wide-eyed smiling at everything and each person I passed would look at me as if my nose were missing, a direct view to the brain and they could see out the back of my skull, they were that surprised about it. Now though, I sit here at the bar sulking, staring vacant no smiles and no effort to speak. My legs are sore each bone muscle tendon from toe to hip, literally, my hips are sore I’ve walked so much and I know I have another walk ahead of me, to the train station (subway). I decided to put up fliers for a writing group in Columbus, young people only. I have to think considerably what the fliers say, it must be good. (Now that I’m thinking of moving to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for the summer, I’ll hold off on the fliers.)

Took a stool at the bar, placed my backpack in the next seat and went to use the restroom. Upon returning a woman had taken my seat. I yelled with Zeus-like vehemence at her. I got removed from the bar. I wasn’t mad that I’d lost my seat, plenty of stools were open. Problem was, none of the other stools gave me a view of myself in the mirror behind the bar.

I’ve realized I should have began drinking hours ago. I speak more, more open honest and clever, humor rolling much easier and friendly conversations. Every bartender is a family acquaintance and I’m much more peaceful, smiling at folks and saying hello.


These are just some excerpts from what I managed to scribble last week. My plan is to recant the entire week, writing it from memory for practice. But what I would like to start doing is writing during trips, not waiting until after. I have to update the journals daily.


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