The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

Start of a Trip 4/15

I got on the bus, smiled a hello at the driver and got my ticket, turning seeing  most the seats taken, a wheelchair immediate right and two open seats along the window to the left. I sat in the middle of the two seats. At the next stop more people were getting on so to make room I sat in the forward facing seat to my left next to this guy. I didn’t say anything nor did he and I looked out the window watched people as they walked navigating the sour stained sidewalks of breaking life. The kid got off the next stop and I watched him, he wearing a tie-dyed shirt, plaid backpack, my age too! The lesson is obvious: the flow easing gently while I tip in ready to submerge, meeting every path (person) along the way.

I spoke with a homeless man in the park waiting to catch the Greyhound. I gave him one of my oranges and a banana because he was cleaning his toes on the bench about to wring out his underwear and that’s pretty much when you know to help out with some food – spread some love. Then the homeless man taught me about the Universe, the Big Bang it popped out of nowhere is nothing and Star Trek vampires why isn’t life sci-fi yet? The churches are wastes around vacant blocks and life decays slowly in empty lots. Don’t spread yourself too far man, he said, stay a place a while but not like 40 – 50 years. Because you got to keep moving, it’s the right thing to do — that’s what he told me. Then sitting outside the bus station a man near the road said to his coterie ‘oh snap, that’s my friend over there!’ He walked over asking me 14 cents to get a beer, actually a six pack him and his friends wanted to get, 14 cents short. He was the guy who’d directed me to the bus station front door earlier. I had to pull out some change, he’d opened my possibilities so unfortunately I had to open his — karma bites evenly.


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