The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything


Took an eleven hour bus from Pittsburgh, got off the Greyhound and walk outside the Columbus, Ohio station and the first thing, I mean the very first thing someone says to me when I get off the bus, a man by the front door says to me, ‘Yo brother, yo brother! Let me holla at you real quick, what’s goin on brother?’  I try to ignore him but he follows me, of course, ‘Yo brother! Let me holla at you for a dollar fifty!’ Thanks Columbus. I tell him no and wait near the sidewalk for my ride. Two people ask me for a cigarette. No, make that three, and I did give one guy a smoke because he didn’t look homeless, just a dude itching for a smoke. Then a woman walked over and offered to sell me the bike she had, ‘It’s a forty dollar bike you can have it for twenty.’ A guy walking out of the bus station says, ‘Holy shit, everywhere in this town people tryin’ to hustle shit!’ Then a guy pulls in across the street and starts yelling across the street that he’s giving rides out and he’s a great driver, something about being military and how his plates are changed and the handful of people out front trying to ignore him. He asks me about four times to give me a ride, anywhere in Columbus he says. A middle-aged couple comes walking out and he stands right in front of them asking to give them the best cheapest ride real safe in Columbus, standing right in front of them so they have to walk around him and the woman makes eye-contact with me mutters something about ‘fucking scum’ or ‘fucking Columbus’. The ‘great driver’, as the man was billing himself, finally sees an elder woman walking out pulling her bag and carrying two others. He offers her a ride and keeps talking before she can answer. Then he takes one of her bags saying ‘let me help you across the street’ takes the woman’s bags and starts throwing them in his car. Then a guy asked me for four fifty to help out him and his friend.

Literally, all of this happened. I was standing for ten minutes in Columbus and had seven people ask me for things.


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