The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

Is It Right To Be Holy? and Beaches and Dawn

Is it right to be holy? If the essence of human existence is choice and free will – the expansion of possibilities – and we really only do exist to tether the opposing seams of the Universe, to tether Order & Chaos and Heaven & Hell and Certainty & Uncertainty, than is it right to negate your free will and live holy and saintly following only the Universal Will and abiding completely by the flow? Because if you 100% follow the flow than you’re denying what makes us human, you’re denying free will and every other possibility. But of course you did chose what to follow. Whatever the answer I don’t care. I will continue my search for the sublime, to find the open endless possibilities that exist where the two seams of the Universe are tethered together. To strive for and attain as much freedom as I possibly can, and always trying to expand the possibilities of my neighbors as I go.

This is why sunrise and sunset are the best times to meditate, when the world glows with the faint light of neither day or night, but the enlightenment of what exists inbetween, when the trees and flowers gently laugh and sigh and you breathe deep and easy and see between the leaves the glowing light as they cast long shadows. Standing on a beach at dawn, the flat waves stretching pale shimmering white to the horizon, gentle waves folding and gliding up the smooth sand. To the right rises dawn, soft orange and pale blue sky, to the left the remnants of night twinkling dark purple and the last twinkling stars. Standing in the middle on the beach, understanding there is nothing above nor below you, for in the vast empty Universe those terms mean nothing. But here right and left exist.


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