The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

Beer and Books and a Thought

I bought myself an 18 pack PBR last night, got durnk (misspelled it but I like it and I’m going to start saying durnk from now on) and read Dharma Bums with every intention of finishing it. I got to the last chapter, smoked some pot, and fell asleep. So I woke this afternoon, drank more beer and stumbled to Kafe Kerouac where I drank more beer, offended the proprietor and finally finished Dharma Bums. Then I slept beneath a tree in the Oval at OSU. I ate a burger afterwards because I was feeling empty, a great greasy American burger and lots of peanuts and soda while I thought of nothing and felt sad. I was empty but not the good kind, the kind that makes you think of nihilism and feel like nothing no use trying. So I dipped the bun in the burger grease and slurped soda smoked cigarets felt fine. Then at Travonna’s a man talked about society controlling what people thought, defining who they were to make them think they needed everything oh so gratifyingly materialistic and shiny. While they controlled us. For their power. I agreed mostly with him,  thought him arrogant and foolish at times, but the overall idea was correct: society abolishes opportunity and possibility and the only free way is outside it, walk the fringes. So I decided I’ll never again be a part of society because who ever wants to be the person you’re told to be? Quit picking my bark; these branches must flourish.


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