The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything


She looks like an Egyptian goddess: her straight nose, flat eyebrows and ink stretched at the corner of her eyes, black bangs flat and even, the back of her hair so black and perfect, even and smooth flat straight. A gem inked at the base of her throat, a blue star twinkling at the side of her eye, hieroglyphic symbols of mystery on her arms and I want to study each tattoo on her body, every line and ink of art like the mystic who pools over and empties his soul into each line of ancient fresh parchment and verse; her body holds enlightenment and the smooth secrets of kingdoms, this is Isis, Lakshmi and Athena and Cleopatra and Mary and all the firm serenity of dragon tattoos in the diamond sparkles of the clear night sky and one can only hope to ever be blessed enough to enter such a temple.


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4 thoughts on “Egyptian

  1. Are you somehow plagarising my psychedelic British Empire story?

  2. It’s some girl I saw in a coffee shop. Story on the blog?

  3. hha yes tinfoil! and good coffee shops.

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