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Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

Going to See a Show

I got talked into (always done with relative ease) seeing a show later tonight with a guy Scott I work with, 25 and he’s a easy going guy, same problem I have being mid-twenties and still feeling like I’m fresh from lockers and gym class still excited about everything and just as naive. He went to a horror convention yesterday and showed me the pictures when he got back and stopped in at DP Dough, a few pictures with hot girls from horror movies and I never got around to asking him who he went with but I already figured the answer. So he told me about a show tonight in Columbus on 5th and Neil a few blocks down from campus (where neither of us go to school) and how a bunch of side-show people from this convention would be eating swords and crushed glass and crazy circus freak show stops like that. And the band, Lioness, they play a lot of hard rock so I was in, said I’d meet him at DP Dough at 7 but he has to spot me $20 for the night because I’m beat broke and I’ll pay him back on Friday. Not a problem he said, but I have to pay him back. So I’m using the $11 in tips I made last night for coffee and to get drunk and possibly cigarettes and we’ll see how this show goes.


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