The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

Coffee And Making Order

Coffee’s good not only because it awakens and clears the senses like sometimes liquor does but because it’s two dollars of hot brew at a coffee shop refilling for hours to keep the hunger out until I go to work and pick at all the food while I make calzones for drunk collegiates who have all the fun I used to but got really bored of though I’ll always love it and you know that because I’ve long toyed having the nom-de-plume D.B. McHugh on all the covers but it seems so pretentious having initials like those literary legends when you’re down and sure not whether up is where you’re headed, pretentious like the stories B.S. Nothings write about all their tough lives and troubles growing up as if no one else has problems and their’s are some shining beacons we should all look to to save ourselves and find life-changing profundities when really they’re just bored cogs the products of structured boring American Suburbanism where each child is special and everything isn’t their fault because they’re excellent and smart better than all the rest so why not preach your made-up miseries because I guess we want them sitting in front of MTV and reality because deep down you really know you’re crying out that yes you are different than everyone and it’s just a plea to differentiate from the masses seeing it’s all the same and you need to shatter a cog or two it all just being reactions to monotonous mundane modernity to break away order and find the freeing gorgeous chaos that breathes fire in your chest, so make the drama and fabricate problems to show everyone you have the dark element an you’ll say well Kerouac… yes it too is reactions and striving up river against currents too calm but then go find life and participate and die early because as the role of observer/translator he can only bridge the chasm for so long and you sit there and drum up perceived despair without courage to love openly and take the honest plunge and instead loathe the world and put chaos in your order and never plunge and never drown drown drown swiftly in roiling madness and delicious uncertainty while you struggle so desperately to arrange the dominoes and that’s why I like coffee.


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