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Open Up

I was at DP Dough and one of the delivery guys who’s been there, both him and his wife, delivering food for what, like three years? Anyway, he’s got a greased back mohawk, tattoos beneath the hair on both sides of his skull and a bunch of other gnarly ink and he was telling me how he gets angry real quick, how he needs to get things off his chest or he snaps and things get ugly, this being why he was thrice showing me how to staple receipt A to receipt B. I told him it’s best, get things in the open instead of letting things simmer, that’s how things should be.

But what it really comes down to is the nature of the fabric of society: that all of our possibilities are entwined and unravel along the same weave. Opening yourself up and being honest, up-front with people is how you tie yourself closer with others and their possibilities, for if they know more about you they can control you more, but they can also open up more possibilities for you, them knowing what it is you need and can benefit from and of course this works in all directions.

So if you allow something to simmer instead of telling the person that person has no knowledge and cannot change what is bothering you. That’s when the simmers boil and fists fly. Open yourself up, be honest and stretch yourself and your possibilities to and through everyone. I’m trying to practice this more and I’m getting better at it, and this guy at DP Dough keeps giving me things to do, whether it’s grab his wings when they’re out of the oven if he’s still out delivering or to throw a bag in the garbage can as he walks past it and I’m elbows deep in suds scrubbing dishes. He’s the only other one who gives me things to do besides my two managers and myself and I’m going to have to get open about it.

But that’s the point I was driving at: We’re all here to expand each other and by closing ourselves off we only hinder progress.


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