The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

And The Piggy Bank Broke

Out of cash and I spent my last handful of coins at the coffee shop before work. I lost my debit card two weekends ago and I’m pretty sure I’ve already wrote about that and I called Wells Fargo and told them to mail me a new one ASAP. 7-10 days they said. I called on day 8, ‘Well definitely let us know if it isn’t there Thursday because that is day ten.’ Thanks for the help because today was day ten and somehow I knew after I called that it wouldn’t get here on time. And of course my phone plan had to end yesterday so I can’t make calls until I pay $50 for the next month.

But where did the paycheck from DP Dough go? The bar. Then I was drunk and bought spice. The rest went to bills and I still owe Greg $75 from this month, plus rent. Bottom line is that my bottom-line hit bottom. But isn’t this where I wanted to go? Haven’t I sang ‘walked on the edge with that hobo way’ (last stanza in ‘I’ve Seen Better Days’) thousands of times at the top of lungs in my head of course? Of course. But now I’m here and I’m broke without a phone and I don’t get paid till Thursday, can’t cash it till Friday so I’ve got a good week with no money. I lied. $5 in tips from DP Dough last night went right to 7/11 bought a pack of smokes. The change from that bought me coffee. Hopefully I get more tips, or a debit card, by Wednesday so I can meet the Columbus Co-op writing group. I’ll have to borrow a phone to call the bank and bitch real hard till someone relents and next-day-air’s me a new card.



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