The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

Bus Stop Homeless

Her arms had deep scars from a flesh eating bacteria, kills four for five and she’s the survivor. Diagnosed with a rare mental disorder and she’s been taking meds since 27, that’s twenty years and she’s in two medical journals. Said her pills keep the crazy out but I’m not sure who I’m believing. She married a high school sweetheart at 15 and had two kids, traveling all over Europe with them and even Hawaii. Married for thirty pleasant years with a good job at the hospital till her husband had a mid-life crisis and started smoking crack. Then he divorced her. He crooked her for everything and she told me the IRS emptied her savings and took her house.  She shits behind a dumpster and why don’t her kids help? They’re all grown and on their own she said. Said she can’t get Social Security but is positive that if she smoke methamphetamines — those sorts haven’t a problem getting Social Security, she said. She never asked for a dime or to bum a smoke and said to me she knows attorneys and doctors living at her shelter, all good people and I should come down to write about them. Said she won’t ever open a bank account again. Said she filed her taxes last year for $11,000 and got a letter back saying thanks. It’s only for food lines that she gets to eat. There’s a lot more like her at the shelter, she told me.


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