The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

Did You Ever?

I put a record on, put the vinyl of Toro Y Moi on the record player and went upstairs, where I put Led Zeppelin blasting on Pandora on my laptop. They didn’t synchronize. And I’m glad.

I was reading an Edgar Allen Poe anthology, got halfway through ‘The Black Cat’ and began reading an Anton Chekov anthology, till I got to the middle of ‘The Huntsman’.

I’ve never read an entire novel. I’ve read 87 different novels.

Did you ever watch all of The Godfather? Part One? Good for you. I saw all three in two hours.

I’ve never read an entire news article. Two hundred dollars says I’m more versed in current events.

I’ve never had one girlfriend. Three barely keep me interested.

I had seven different majors, I’m on my eighth. I can’t wait until sophomore year is over.

I spend six hours a day on the internet, and that doesn’t include my handheld.

I can’t wait till the implant is in my head. I’ll never be bored then.


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