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New Books

Today began like most days for me, my alarm went off at the sprightful hour of 7 a.m., I changed it to 8 a.m., then hit the snooze for an hour and a half. I had a few sexy dreams during all of this and so I had to take care of that before I could rightfully begin my day. Breakfast took me an hour. I ate soup and yogurt because I still have a bit of Thrush. It’s cleared up well but there are these two spots left, way back and underneath my tongue in little pockets of oral flesh I didn’t realize even existed. They still make it hard to chew but they’re getting quite better. I read the news while I ate and got frustrated by world events and the unconstitutional incompetence of our (s)elected officials.

Then it was 11:30. I tried to get started on Petals of Thought but I need to revamp it almost entirely and I felt it a waste of time for the moment, I’ll get to it later when the more ‘important’ stories are out of the way. I started to write a story about states’ rights but got stuck and decided to go to the Ohio State University Library. I hadn’t been out of the apartment much since having thrush, and I thought it’d be good to go write somewhere else. Before I left I took a list of books I wanted from the library, they were all about short stories and writing fiction. I asked my roommate to borrow his student id so I could get the books, but he said he owed them 300-something dollars for god-know-what so that was out of the question. So I went to the library, wrote a bit, stopped, found the books I wanted and read for a while, writing and taking notes for the story I’m working on. A few years back I conceived a plan to steal books from, well, anywhere. All you need to do is peal off the sensor sticker with the barcode, it’s usually on the back or inside the back cover, this way the alarms won’t go off when you walk out. This is how I got two books today.

In other news, me and roommate began growing pot in the closet.


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