The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything

Morning Beats

7:00 a.m.  We’ll see how long this lasts. I’ve tried to keep a schedule where I wake up early each morning in the past, and usually I flake out after a couple of days, but here I go again at it, we’ll see how it goes. The idea is to have a longer work day, since I don’t like writing at night. I’d rather sip a beer and read, or else go enjoy a slimmer of social life. This all means of course, that I slept about two hours last night and today is going to be a loooong day.

Part of my plea deal after being arrested was that I attend these three drug and alcohol awareness classes. I went to the first two, and like a ball rolling down a hill and I missed the third. I woke up at 12:30 and decided to go back to sleep instead of catching the bus. I was going to make it up last Wednesday, but then the thrush came out of nowhere (thank you polygala). So I left the instructor a message and I’ll see if he calls back.

It’s my younger brother’s birthday today, 15 I’m pretty sure, so I figured I call him round three or four when he’s out of school. I haven’t talked to anyone back home since Christmas I think, and my mother sent me an e-mail the other day wondering why I hadn’t been in contact. She went on to say how she feels like something is wrong because I left everyone, feels like they did something wrong because I haven’t been staying in touch with everyone. I can’t even explain this to myself clearly and this is one phone call, that I know I have to have, but dread actually having it. What am I supposed to say? I left because I think you’re way of life sucks? Suburbia is boring? Thanks for all the Fish….


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