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CNN: The Activists

Journalists are supposed to give voices to the voiceless, the small, unimportant people that society largely ignores. But at what point does that become activism for a cause? Where does that turn into subjective journalism? Where does it shed all pretensions of ethical journalism? To answer those questions, when the journalism is not news.

On the front page of today, the first link in the Featured section is a photo gallery titled Photos: Faces of Immigration. Curious about what the faces of everyday Americans look like? Take a break from reading strenuous articles about actual events and allow CNN to subconsciously reform your political and social perspectives.

As a clarifier, the author is not anti-immigration, only anti-mind control.

After Post Addition: I left the above ideas in the comments bar of the photo gallery, and someone who referred to themselves as “J” suggested that I didn’t hold editorials to be news. In answer I responded that the purpose of an editorial is to persuade and sway the opinions people hold about a certain issue, and that in an editorial this purpose is always clearly defined and made known. I don’t feel as if the intentions of this gallery were clearly stated, if at all, and it seems to me as a coy method of influencing opinion. Imagine the dullard who clicks through the gallery(I realize we’re all dullards, but I mean the ‘more dull’) and thinks of the pictures as no more than portraits of people in interesting settings. There is nothing here that mentions ‘illegal’ immigration, and perhaps this only came about  in my own head, but I felt that was the message CNN was trying to push, that ‘illegal’ immigrants are people too. Therefore, by not stating the opinion they were attempting to sway, they acted unethically.

Wow, so much more written the second time around.


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