The Wanderlust Misfit

Don't Run From Anything, Run Towards Everything


I began this blog as a catalog of sorts, a journal where to write experiences and thoughts as I try and navigate the world and find whatever it is I decide it is that I’m looking for — I suppose I still have lots of thinking to do.

I want to write a book, a novel which I’ve already titled The I. Will. To achieve this in a most noble fashion I dropped out of college and quit my two part-time jobs. Then I left everyone and everything behind and moved to Columbus, where I am currently typing all of this. I decided I want to be a writer and I’ve got all my eggs in one basket, it’s swim or drown and I completely wanted it this way — to possess a capacity for greatness there must exist an equal capacity for failure. And that’s what this is about. Everything was peachy perfect and whatever I needed was provided for me and I hated it. I threw it away.

I would like to continue on across the country and my original plan had been to go to Los Angeles. It’s still an option and a possibility I wish to extend, but for the time I think I’m here. I don’t plan to make Columbus my home, I already know where that is and it isn’t what I’m looking for, but cash runs short and a cushion is something I regrettably, pathetically, feel a need to maintain. I figure I can get a job here for a little while and possibly build up some cash, maybe even sell a few short stories. When I first got here it was only about the novel but I’ve since hit a snag — I know I can make it better and that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve stepped away from the novel for a couple weeks while I rethink the story-line. I figured I can write short stories in the meantime and possibly get a few published.

This was originally intended to be the post where I explain what this blog is about. I suppose unrelated tangents is now that answer. Go Giants.


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